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Stay Bungalow

Creating the Connection Between Luxury Lighting and Luxury Living

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Austin, TX

Interior Design

Elizabeth Krueger Design

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Decorative lighting powered by Lutron at Stay Bungalow

For architects and designers who specialize in the high-end residential market, it can be especially difficult to make tangible, meaningful connections between products and the client experience. Traditional showrooms do a wonderful job of demonstrating product features, but they rarely have the resources to create a truly immersive, live-in environment.

For Barrett Morgan, CEO of Stay Bungalow, the idea to provide that kind of exclusive, luxury homeowner experience came from his many years in the industry. He and his team developed the ultimate opportunity for design professionals to live with the products they may want to specify—for 48 hours.

“We gave our design team—LaRue Architects and Elizabeth Krueger Design—the ability to develop a residential showcase without client restraints, and then invited members of the design and specification community to enjoy Stay Bungalow as a stay-in residential showroom,” explains Morgan.

Outfitting Stay Bungalow with the highest-quality architectural lighting, motorized window treatments, and beautiful keypads was crucial to delivering this luxury living concept.

The lighting system enables guests to experience the power of dynamic lighting and experiment with color temperature. The design team selected Ketra lighting and automated Lutron shading products, all controlled and coordinated by the HomeWorks whole home lighting system and Alisse keypads.

The Lutron solutions elevate the role of daylight and electric light throughout Stay Bungalow, and address several issues that designers often face. As a result, the showroom immerses guests in luxury that is only attainable with this special blend of light, shade, and control—the perfect atmosphere for every occasion and time of day.

“With the natural light and Ketra, the lighting was consistent. There wasn’t a break where someone could say, ‘That’s obviously natural light and here’s the artificial light.’ It was just one pure feeling.”

Ken Newberry 
Architect and guest of Stay Bungalow 

Design Goals
  1. Unify the feeling of daylight and electric light in the interior.
  2. Create cohesion among all the electric light sources—ambient, task, and decorative.
  3. Make the perfect atmosphere available with the touch of a keypad.
  4. Select window shades and keypads in colors and styles that enhance the beauty of the interior space.
Unify the Feeling of Daylight and Electric Light

In most interiors, differences in the way daylight and electric light feel can make the space seem at odds with itself. Stay Bungalow uses Ketra lighting to correct this problem. The lighting system automatically matches the color temperature of the light indoors with the daylight at the window. Mornings begin with a honey-hued light. Afternoons usher in energizing, crisp white lighting. A golden glow at happy hour provides the perfect mood to enjoy a relaxing glass of wine.

“I thought the concept of adjusting the light throughout the day to match what happens with daylight was smart. It’s an automation and I just thought—it’s really, really, smart,” says Morgan.

Ketra downlights and A20 lamps, controlled by HomeWorks, are found throughout the property—the grand living room, the kitchen, the master bedroom, the master bathroom, the upstairs bedroom, and the lofted gaming area that doubles as a yoga studio. This lighting solution offers each space access to the full spectrum of white light plus an unlimited palette of saturated color. By selecting the Natural Show scene on any keypad, the Ketra lights shift to perfectly match the outdoor color temperature in Austin at that moment.

While the lighting system makes it simple, the effect in the home is profound. “When we activated the Natural Show scene in the great room, the dynamic of the home completely changed. It went from feeling like we were in a beautiful house where daylight was present to feeling like we were in a beautiful house filled with daylight,” says Kurtis Adkins, Integrated Technologies System Designer at AV Connect.

“The lighting is so good that you don’t feel a difference between the natural light and the light in the house.”

Ken Newberry 
Architect and guest of Stay Bungalow 

Create Cohesion Among Ambient, Task, and Decorative Lighting

The lighting at Stay Bungalow is flexible and fluid, allowing it to exist in the color temperature and light level best suited to the moment. Whether the goal is to create a perfect match between the different types of light in a space, or to develop rich and sophisticated layers of light that harmonize with the furnishings, fabrics, and finishes of the room, the lighting at Stay Bungalow can do it all.

In the master bedroom, Ketra downlights and A20 sources in the bedside lamps provide an unparalleled level of cohesion with the crystalline luminaire. The color temperature of the downlights, table lamps, and decorative luminaire are perfectly matched in this relaxing and elegant ambience.

In the kitchen, the seemingly liquid luminaire dripping above the waterfall island serves as a stunning 3000K focal point in the main area of the house. This space also receives ample daylight. The Ketra downlights can bring greater harmony to the space during the day by matching the color of daylight at the window. After sunset, the lights can be changed to match the color of the fixture, offer a brighter feel, or provide a warmer contrast to create an atmosphere uniquely tuned to the way the space is being used.


Decorative lighting and ketra downlights over a kitchen island flooded with natural light

The decorative luminaire and Ketra downlights over the kitchen island deliver beautiful light and creative inspiration.

One Button Press Delivers the Perfect Atmosphere

The lighting system makes it easy to create the perfect atmosphere in any area of Stay Bungalow. Keypad buttons are labeled with special scenes, which guests activate with a button press.

Press the Good Morning scene in the bedroom and the blackout shades rise, letting in daylight, complemented by the golden hue of electric lights. Lights and shades in the open great room can shift in a second between preset scenes labeled Relax, Entertain, and Cook. At the end of the day, activating the Goodnight scene, on a bedside control, turns the lights off and lowers the shades throughout the house.

“People love to be able to set the entire home to an emotion or purpose whether that’s entertaining, or cleaning or cooking. It allows them to get a preset without having to go through the navigation of the whole home automation system. I think that’s really special,” says Morgan.

Select Window Shades and Keypads that Enhance the Beauty of the Interior Space

Designers often find themselves pulled between aesthetics and functionality. The most beautiful items may offer the most basic functionality, while higher-tech components can look a little rough. The design team for Stay Bungalow selected keypads and shading fabrics that enhance the beauty of their interior design, while performing at the highest level.

Alisse keypads have handcrafted faceplates machined from solid brass and look more like a piece of art than a lighting control. The distinct round buttons are framed with an illuminated halo in a complementary color temperature. The aged bronze keypads installed throughout this project are accented by a golden-hued light (2700K).


Handcrafted alisse keypad with natural, vanity, and relax lighting scenes

Handcrafted keypads and designer shade fabrics offer designer accents throughout the Stay Bungalow project.

“The Alisse keypads are gorgeous. They’re beautiful. I’m putting them in my house.”

Ken Newberry 
Architect and guest of Stay Bungalow 

The selected shade fabrics provide a finishing touch at every window. Blackout shades in the master bedroom create a restful place, perfect for sleep. The smooth movement of the Palladiom roller shades impresses people sitting on the patio, while keeping the interior comfortable. The beautiful Roman shade in the bathroom is a soft, sheer, designer-selected fabric that offers privacy, elegance, and a spa-like experience.


Light-filtering roman shades over a serene bath full of natural light in the daytime

Shades provide privacy and elegance in the bedroom, bathroom, and patio areas.

While creating a luxury experience for professionals who craft luxury experiences may have been an ambitious undertaking, Stay Bungalow delivers. Guests immerse themselves in the meticulously chosen products, systems, and solutions in a way that can foster greater connection between the design and experience of elegant living. One key takeaway—to appreciate luxury lighting, just live with it for a bit. At Bungalow, the best light in the world, paired with cutting-edge control, beautiful keypads, and rich shade fabrics provide a powerful demonstration of the impact luxury lighting makes on luxury living.

“You don’t know what good lighting is until you spend time with it.”

Barrett Morgan
CEO of Stay Bungalow

Outdoor decorative lighting over a seating area at night

For an outdoor area that doubles as another living space, lighting offers the perfect finishing touch.